The story behind the Syd and Max Adventures.

Syd is Linzi’s youngest son.. by about twenty years! When she fell pregnant with him at 44 years old she felt rather overwhelmed, prior to this, she had just got into the swing of being a sheep and beef farmer in Northern Southland with her husband and teenage daughter.

What to do with all the time indoors? Produce that children’s picture book she had always wanted to write!

Whilst teaching at the local schools since moving south, Linzi had noticed  an opportunity to write and illustrate stories for children that could showcase the stunning Southland scenery and retell uniquely southern events. Syd provided the perfect catalyst for her book ideas to come to life. He would become the main character, accompanied by a friend’s new son, Max.

The  context for the inaugural story was the new Around The Mountains cycle trail being brought to life by Mike Barnett and the Southland District Council. Linzi’s mum, Brenda, (a retired art teacher) helped to bring the illustrations to life. The book was so well received and supported by the local community, family, and friends that Linzi decided to write another! ..Syd and Max Head to Bluff.. for the Burt Munro and other Cool Stuff! This book soon sold out and Linzi had to print more!

and now …Syd and Max Save Grandad at the Southern Field Days is underway and due to be printed soon!

All the books are produced and printed in Southland!

Southern stories for Southern People.


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